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In- Person Basic/Behavior Dog Training

Dogs 2 years and up

  • 1 h
  • Your location

Service Description

Basic training cues include: Sit, Down, Stand, Stay, Recall to come, Wait, Drop it, Leave it, Settle, Off (no jump), Leash walking, and Attention to Owner techniques. Behavior training includes: Reactivity to humans, other dogs or animals, de-sensitization to triggers/fears, excessive barking, pulling on leash, nervousness, and help with separation anxiety. Training concepts & skills include: Basic learning theory, timing, criteria setting, problem solving, handling distraction, getting & keeping focus, rate of reinforcement and use of voice & body. $95 for an 1 hour online consultation; Includes introduction session, questionnaire review, goal setting, and follow up notes. $465 for 3 one hour lessons $930 for 6 one hour lessons All training will be customized to you and your dog's goals and skill level. You will receive follow-up notes and communication between sessions, recommendations to enrichment, books, gear, and videos. Positive Reinforcement and Fear Free techniques are used during all training. Shock, prong or choke or chain collars are NOT allowed.

Contact Details

Carmel Valley, San Diego, CA, USA

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