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Pet Sitting Overnight 

Sleeping Dogs
Dog Walking on a Sunny Day

Dog Training

Dog Training

One on One Basic Training

Positive reinforcement training with you and your dog training professional. We will work on the following: Sit, Stay, Down, Off, Heel, Look, Leave it, Come, Place, and Loose Leash Walking.

One hour class includes consultation.

$80 per class

6 lesson package: $480

One on One Behavior Training

Is your dog a rock star on basic training but needs a little help with socialization and/or behavior skills? These classes help overcome: Fearfulness, Leash Reactivity, Resource Gaurding, Crate Training and Vet Care Techniques.  

One hour class includes consultation.

$90 per class

6 lesson package: $540

Puppy Training 101

Bring home a new puppy? I have you covered! Have a professional help you relieve the stress of having a new puppy in your house.

Covering the Following: Potty Training, Chewing, Learning to walk on leash, Crate Training, Bite-reducing, Leash pulling, Jumping, Barking.


Work on the Following Commands: Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Heel, Place and Name Recognition.

1 hour class includes consultation.

$100 per class

Extensive 12 lesson package: $1200

All classes occur in client's home or Torrey Highlands Park in Carmel Valley.

Group classes depends on availability. 


Stay and Train Overnight 

Basic Training and Overnight Pet sitting services in client's home . Training will be in the home or during walks and will be photographed or recorded for owner to review.

$100 per day 

Behavior Training and Overnight Pet sitting services in client's home. Training will be recorded or photographed for owners to review. 

$120 per day

Stay and Train Overnight Services are about 30 min throughout the day covering behaviors in the home or while on walks.

**All my training methods follows the “Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive” (LIMA) guidelines and abides by the dog training code of ethics. I do not use prong, choke or shock collars in my classes or the use of negative punishment. My years of experience with various species, study of animal history, Zoology, animal behavior, body language, and operate conditioning ensures an understanding of your dogs needs. 

Best Buddies
Child Playing with Dog

Virtual Consultations

Dog with Lampshade
Girl with Her Dog


Can't leave your house and have a question about your pet? Are they destroying your house and don't know why? Want to trouble shoot a specific behavior? Virtual Consultations are a great way to chat with me if you are having Covid concerns and can not leave the house. Chat with a pet professional in the comfort of your home. 

Zoom, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger platforms available for video consultations. 

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