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I’ve worked in animal care all my life. It is not just a job if you love what you do. Take a look at my experience below.

A Proven Track Record

Why use Jasmine? She has zookeeper, wildlife care, Humane Society, veterinary assistance, and sanctuary work experience. Over 30 years working with an array of species, medical expertise, and genuine love of animals. She is also a Latina/American, Female Solo Business Owner.

About me:

Being an empath while having an understanding of trust and patience is important in animal care. Jasmine's love for animals came about at the early age of 5. As a kid, her mother knew she had an affinity for helping injured wildlife and taking care of her own pets. Over the years, she had cats, dogs, guinea pigs, an African gray parrot, a cockatoo, budgies, and finches. Her own back yard was a menagerie of local wildlife which she always enjoyed observing and studying. She always knew she wanted to help or be around animals. It was her life goal.

Education and Career:

Graduated Penn State Altoona with a BA in Environmental Studies and Natural Science. Jasmine interned in wildlife husbandry and as an educator for injured, orphaned animals at a Pennsylvania Wildlife Center. She worked part-time at Central PA Humane Society where she received her experience in pet adoption, grooming, and animal husbandry. Once graduating college, she worked as a vet tech assistant in VCA Animal Hospital in NJ learning animal restraint, med dispensing, compliance and lab work. While working at the vet office, Jasmine started volunteering at the local Zoo. It was at the Zoo where Jasmine gained a passion for ALL animals including farm animals, domestic, and the exotic. Once full time in the Zoo field, she did her continuing education in Columbia University in New York focusing on Conservation Biology, went to advance zookeeping and training classes, and continued her studies with animals. She moved to San Diego in 2007 where she became a Senior Wildlife Care Specialist at San Diego Zoo all while working part time as a freelance pet sitter and later becoming a positive reinforcement dog trainer.

Animal Care Specialist:

Jasmine has over 30 years experience with dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects, rodents, as well as small to large mammals and farm animals. In the Zoological field, the list of animal training and care is more expansive: A myriad of large and small felines like tigers, lions, bobcats, ocelots, to specializing in an array primates, apes, as well as exotic species you've probably never even heard of!

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Photo Courtesy of Georgeanne Irvine

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It sometimes takes a village to raise a baby! Through training, patience and understanding, Jasmine overcame the challenges of helping raise this baby vervet monkey with his family. Check out this book to learn more and support San Diego Zoo's conservation efforts.


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